Producer of consumer packs from plastics and combination from plastics and cardboard.
Complete solutions for your primary packages.

The employed technology is cut-in-place pressure plug assisted forming

Cut-in-Place - the forming and cutting are accomplished in the mould in one cycle
This method of manufacturing thermoformed products is the most complex one but mandatory for medium and large-batch production. It gives high productivity, high precision in all dimensions, clear cut edges, high quality and reproducibility independent from the required quantities.

Pressure thermoforming forming - compares favorably with vacuum forming. It gives a very precise forming and high productivity.

Plug assisted -  gives uniformity in the thickness of the walls of the plastic package. The Plug is essential for the quality.

This technology is used for products like - cups and lids of various sizes and designs, trays and lids of various sizes and designs, universal stock and custom blister forms, 2- and 3-fold clamshells. Customs designs and specifications are welcome.

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