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Producer of consumer packs from plastics and combination from plastics and cardboard.
Complete solutions for your primary packages.

Our manufacturing facilities are located in the region of Vratza town, 140km from Sofia. We have manufacturing capacity of more than 500 000 pack pices per week.
IBS Pack has the capabilities to design and produce its own instruments and moulds. This is the so called in-house moulding and it enables us to shortens the time and lower the costs for installing a new product's production.

manufacturing building

The equipment we use is from well established machine manufacturers. The materials used could be single or multy layer folios in different colors and with different barrier properties. There are possibilities for:

  • multycolor printing
  • gluing to cardboard of folio

machine ILLIG

  • trays and inserters for biscuits and sweets
  • boxes for cookies and cakes
  • boxes for salats and other culinary products
  • boxes for mince and other meat products
  • boxes for ice cream and yogurt
  • blister packs for honey or cofee cream
  • boxes for vacuum or modified gaz suraunding

thermoformed packs

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