Producer of consumer packs from plastics and combination from plastics and cardboard.
Complete solutions for your primary packages.

double blisterBlister PET or PVC transparent cap for two spray bottles.
cake boxTransparent PET cake cap. Cardboard or plastic bottom.
thermoformed cupCups for yogurt, fruit and chocolate desserts. Available diameters from 68 to 75 mm. Volumetric capacity can be from 80 to 180 ml.

bi-fold clamshell

Bi-fold custom blister/clamshell. Sure lock between the two parts.

lidsLids – non-leaking, every dimension and shape you need!
biscuit traysBiscuit trays. Transparent or not, clear or coloured

salad box

Square cup for salads with compartment for the dressing. Suitable also for desserts with toping, or yogurt with nuts.

food containersUniversal food containers - 1- and 3- compartment in 3 hexagon shape.

industrial traysPlastic technological trays for automated manufacturing with strong tolerance requirements for the cavities.
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